ShareSquare Artist Profile - The Stone Foxes

The Bay Area’s hippest indie rock band just joined the ranks of dubsteppers 12th Planet and SoCal songbird Elizaveta by experimenting with ShareSquare on their posters and flyers.  And for BONUS geek cred, their music video is in 3-D!

Just like our other featured artists, The Stone Foxes’ ShareSquare enables new fans to discover & experience their music the very moment they find out about them.  That new fan can then connect with the The Stone Foxes on Facebook, Twitter & MySpace Music and even submit their email for a free mp3 download (letting the artist build their mailing list in the real world!)

Scan the ShareSquare QR code to see The Stone Foxes’ ShareSquare page on your mobile (screenshot below) or click here to just see it on your desktop.  You can find some of the flyers in record shops on Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco, or check out us presenting this pilot campaign to some of Silicon Valley’s tech elite at the Founder Showcase - 1:15 in this video.

Are you a super-hip artist?  You can create your own ShareSquare for free, right here.  We’re working on bringing music video playback to everyone, but if you’d like to be on the short-list of artists that get early access, give us a shout: contact [at] getsharesquare [dot] com.

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