ShareSquare Artist Profile - Elizaveta

Has a concert poster ever caught your attention?

If it was a new artist that you were interested in checking out, I bet you were bummed that you couldn’t immediately hear a sample of their music.  Well now you can.

If the poster or flyer is by one of our super-hip early adopter artists, like Elizaveta, you’ll be able to scan the ShareSquare using your mobile phone and ANY barcode scanning app that supports QR codes (like Barcode Reader, Neoreader, ShopSavvy etc etc).  You’ll then arrive at a page like the one below (you can also see it on your computer by going to

On this page you can:

  • watch Elizaveta’s charming music video
  • submit your email to get a special message from Elizaveta
  • connect with Elizaveta on her social networks
  • tell your friends about the great new artist you just discovered by posting to Facebook & Twitter
  • leave a comment for Elizaveta on her ShareSquare

Elizaveta can also edit her ShareSquare page whenever she likes, so the music video & special message you get tomorrow might be different than the one you got today!

Are you a super-hip artist?  You can create your own ShareSquare for free, right here.  We’re working on bringing music video playback to everyone, but if you’d like to be on the short-list of artists that get early access, give us a shout: contact [at] getsharesquare [dot] com.

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