ShareSquare Artist Profile - SMOG LA / 12th Planet

How do you describe a completely new genre of music?  Can you convey the true experience on a poster?

That’s exactly what the boys over at SMOG LA and 12th Planet are about to do.  They’re bringing the Dubstep experience straight to your mobile with ShareSquare.

The cool kids will be able to scan this ShareSquare using a mobile phone and ANY barcode scanning app that supports QR codes (like Barcode Reader, Neoreader, ShopSavvy etc etc).  They’ll then arrive at a page like the one below (you can also see it on your computer by going to )

Now they can check out the slammin’ 12th Planet music video from the Electric Daisy Carnival and get a taste of what they’d be in for at a Dubstep show.  They can also connect with 12th Planet via Twitter & Facebook, and even opt-in direct with email for more information on upcoming shows.

Are you an artist looking to take promotions to the next level?  You can create your own ShareSquare for free, right here.  We’re working on bringing music video playback to everyone, but if you’d like to be on the short-list of artists that get early access, give us a shout: contact [at] getsharesquare [dot] com.

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