Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding ShareSquares
What is a ShareSquare?
ShareSquares are a great way to attach a message to any physical object. Once you create a ShareSquare, any visitors who scan the ShareSquare with any QR code reader will automatically see your message with the option to quickly edit and share it on Twitter or Facebook. In addition, each ShareSquare comes with analytics and real-time data of your visitors. Analytics for the real-world!
What are QR Codes?
A ShareSquare utilizes QR codes. QR ("Quick Response") are two dimensional codes that contain content such as text and urls. Many camera phones can read QR codes using a number of free QR reader apps. Some phones such as Android phones have QR reading capabilities built-in. QR codes are ubiquitous in countries such as Japan. Any QR code reader can read a ShareSquare.
Creating ShareSquares
How do I create a ShareSquare?
Creating a ShareSquare is easy, just enter a message on the create page! You have the option of either downloading the ShareSquare as an image or printing it directly. Attach it to any object and you're good to go.
What does the 'Insert URL' feature do?
The 'Insert URL' features on the create page simple inserts a url into your message. The url is shortened with the service first before it's inserted, keeping your message as short as possible. If you don't want to shorten the link, you can just enter a full URL in the message text field.
What's the minimum print size that will work?
Mobile phone cameras vary, and some don't feature auto-focus, so we generally don't suggest going below 1x1 inch. Thankfully, ShareSquares are optimized for small size and will be easier to read than most QR codes.
Is contrast important when printing a ShareSquare?
Better contrast helps makes it easier for QR code readers to decode the QR code. ShareSquares are already optimized with the right contrast.
Is paper important?
Very glossy paper are not recommended since they cause glare and make it difficult for the camera to see the complete code. The more matte the paper, the better.
Can I modify the look of a ShareSquare?
Yep, but you should make sure that there is sufficient contrast. Also, don't invert the colors because many QR readers are designed to look for a dark QR code over a light background. Lastly, make sure to leave a border around the QR code for optimal readability.
Scanning ShareSquares
What QR Code readers can I use?
There's many free ones available. You can find a list of them here.
Do I really need a QR reader?
You can alternatively just enter the short URL at the bottom of the ShareSquare directly into your mobile browser, but that's no fun!
ShareSquare Analytics
Where can I see the analytics?
Simply append a '+' to the end of your ShareSquare url. For example: