We Partner with Moo to Bring You ShareSquare for Business Cards

Once again, you all kept asking, so we built it.  Now don’t say we don’t ever do anything for you.

Thanks to the team players over at Moo Cards, we’re able to bring you an easy way to print business cards with your personalized ShareSquare right on the back.  Here’s an example from one of our super advisors, Jason Kiesel, Founder of CitySourced.

When you scan Jason’s card with your mobile device you’ll be taken to this mobile-optimized landing page where you can:

  • tell your friends about how cool CitySourced is by posting to FB & Twitter in one click
  • immediately connect with Jason on Twitter and LinkedIn
  • email yourself Jason’s contact info
  • leave a comment that lives with his business card so people in the future can see what you said about Jason after you met him.  Jason’s reputation now lives on his business card!

Notice that Jason’s ShareSquare page is customized with CitySourced colors.  In addition he can edit this page anytime and he can also track how many times its been scanned, viewed and shared.

Can your business card do that?

Make your own ShareSquare for free at http://getsharesquare.com/

Upcoming BONUS BLOG ADDENDUM: the business card belonging to the godfather of print to internet barcodes himself, gadget guy Dave Mathews.

New Feature - Customize Your ShareSquare Page!

We’re pleased to announce a new feature, brought to you by popular demand.  Folks were clamoring for the ability to skin, customize or otherwise brand their ShareSquare page so that the creative is a nice match with whatever the ShareSquare is on.  Above is a example of a concert poster you might encounter on the westside of LA for Hispanic heartthrob and friend of the ShareSquare, Gustavo Galindo.  If you use your mobile device to scan the ShareSquare on the poster it will take you to the ShareSquare page below.

Where you’ll encounter another pic of Gustavo’s handsome visage as the background for the ability to post the event details to your social networks, in addition to being able to connect directly with Gustavo on Facebook.

What other cool backgrounds are you putting on your ShareSquare pages?  Make one today and then tell us all about it!

Next up, comments on your ShareSquare page….stay tuned.  And if you want some honest-to-goodness crooning, go check out Gustavo’s show at the Bordello on July 3rd!

Techcrunch LA Meetup - ShareSquare for Print Launches with a Live Demo!

Last Friday ShareSquare was chosen by the good people at CoLoft to take part in the demo pit showcasing some of Los Angeles’ finest startup projects for the Techcrunch LA Meetup event.

We took advantage of the opportunity to BLOW EVERYONE’S MINDS with a new (unreleased!) product, ShareSquare for Print.  We mocked up what a new iPhone ad might look like with our innovative print to mobile web QR code:

The call to action asked people to leave a comment for a chance to win a new iPhone 4.   Over the course of the 2 hour event this real world object became the focus of an intense (sometimes silly) comment stream.  You’ve heard the Marketing 101-speak about how you should “facilitate a conversation around your brand”?  Well this ACTUALLY HAPPENED.  And every comment was posted to Facebook with a link to Apple’s site, letting this physical brand message reach the world of social networks with ease.

Here’s a snip from the mobile page:

Now imagine having a million of these ads around the country… and getting real-time ShareSquare Analytics on every engagement… MIND BLOWING!

BONUS: the organizers of the event were so inspired by ShareSquare for People @MindShareLA that we got *ahem* prime placement on everybody’s nametag at the event.  (Thanks for the glamour shot Aviva, lol.)